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介绍一下燃煤的维护和保养方法 眼下天气渐渐转暖,许多地方的使用将会减少,这个时候就应该考虑的保养问题了。下面就来介绍一下燃煤的维护和保养方法:正常运转的燃煤设备,必须加强或按照规定进行巡回检查,发现问题及时处理。
Introduce the maintenance methods of coal-fired hot stoves. At present, the weather is getting warmer and the use of hot stoves in many places will be reduced. At this time, the maintenance of hot stoves should be considered. Here's how to maintain the coal-fired hot blast stove: the normal operation of coal-fired hot blast stove equipment must be strengthened or inspected in accordance with the regulations, and problems found and dealt with in time.
1. Inspection of Hot Blast Furnace Combustion Equipment
During the operation of hot blast stove for chain grate culture, attention should be paid to whether the sound of mechanical transmission part and gearbox of grate is normal or not, and whether there are faults in each part of grate. The oil passage of the transmission part of the grate should be guaranteed to be smooth, and the bearings of each transmission part should be lubricated well, and the bearing temperature should not be allowed to rise beyond 60-70 C.
It is necessary to check and ensure that the eagle iron is not loose and jammed, that the coal gate board is up and down and that the arc baffle drive is not faulty, that there are any broken or falling grate pieces in the grate, that the handle of the air door or the driving sprocket are regularly pulled by hand, that the work of the air supply door or the ash removal device is normal, and that coal leakage and ash slag are regularly cleaned to prevent it. The grate is jacked up.
Regular inspection of coal loading equipment and slag removal equipment to ensure that lubrication in place, problems found and timely treatment. As a thermal power machine, hot blast stove began to be widely used in China in the late 1970s. It has become a replacement product of electric heat source and traditional steam power heat source in many industries. Through long-term production practice, it has been recognized that only using hot air as medium and carrier can the thermal efficiency and thermal work effect be greatly improved. Traditional electric heat source and steam heat power are often equipped with multiple circulating fans in the process of conveying, which eventually form hot air for drying or heating operation indirectly.
2. Inspection of furnace wall, economizer and door
Often check the furnace and flue firebrick walls, furnace doors, fire holes, ash outlet doors, economizer pipe end whether air leakage, if found, should be repaired in time.
3. Inspection of Insulation Layer
When the insulation layer is used for a long time, it may fall off, which will increase the heat dissipation. It will not only lose heat, but also increase the temperature of the breeding hot blast stove room. Sometimes it may burn people. Therefore, it must be dealt with in time if the insulation layer is found to fall off.
4. There are packing seals at valves, water pumps, oil pumps, valve stems and packing boxes. Check these parts regularly to find problems and deal with them in time.
5. Inspection of Safety Accessories
Check the pressure gauge and safety valve of water level gauge regularly by hand to prevent rust from sticking. Once the safety accessories are damaged, they must be repaired or replaced immediately.
6. Maintenance of Blower, Induced Draft Fan and Rotating Equipment
The air blower and induced draft fan should be kept clean. During operation, the bearing temperature should not exceed 40 C. The normal oil level in the bearing box should be kept at the 2/3 height of the bearing shell. When the oil quantity is insufficient, clean and qualified new oil should be added in time. Frequently check whether the anchor bolt is loose, whether the equipment is running properly, find out the problems and deal with them in time.
7. Maintenance of dust collector
It is necessary to regularly clean the dust deposit of the dust collector, keep the tightness of the dust collector, and remove the leaking place in time so as not to destroy the efficiency of the dust collector, or even affect the normal operation of the dust collector.
Maintenance and Lubrication of Hot Stove: Maintenance and lubrication of the machine can be carried out regularly. First of all, pay attention to keeping the machine dry. Do not let it get wet or put water on it.
(1) Remove debris or dirt from hot blast stove once a week. Through a long period of production practice, people have realized that only by using hot air as medium and carrier, can the heat utilization rate and thermal working effect of oil-fired hot blast stove be improved greatly. Traditional electric heat source and steam heat power are often equipped with multiple circulating fans in the process of conveying, which eventually form hot air for drying or heating operation indirectly. Obviously, there are many shortcomings in this process, such as a large amount of waste of energy, excessive accessory equipment, complex process and so on.
(2) Once a month, clean, maintain and lubricate the skateboards mentioned in the preceding section with the mid-knife and the front-top knife.
(3) Every three months except after the above two maintenance, add some lubricating oil to all (axles, centers) and bearings.
(4) Replenish the oil in the reducer wheel box of the hot blast stove every two years.
(5)须注意几个零件不可加油: a送退带滚轮。 b所有皮带。 c打滑片及周围。
(5) Attention should be paid to the non-refuelling of several parts: a. B All belts. C slipper and its surroundings.
(6) Do not add too much oil each time, so as to avoid the failure of the micro-switch due to oil immersion. 


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